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JOB OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL (posted on 25th Nov 2008 on website)



Lot of unrest was recently witnessed in Maharashtra due to whipping up of ' sons of soil ' passion by some politicians, demanding protection of right to livelihood for the locals, and denial of opportunities of jobs to outsiders - particularly in the city of unlimited possibilities i.e. MUMBAI.

In order to protect the interests of locals and at the same time meet the Constitutional obligation of ensuring free movement of the citizens of our great country across its length and breadth, it is high time we devise an administrative mechanism to foster national integration and remove any ill-feeling amongst our brethren from this standpoint.

I have a suggestion to make in this regard. This I believe should be able to ensure JOB OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL following A RATIONAL APPROACH. The basic philosophy of the solution proposed by me here is the recognition of the premise that people suitable for jobs demanding higher skills, wider knowledge of the subject and possessing varied experience could be found only by enhancing the geographical space, vis-a-vis the location of the job opportunity. Thus higher the post in the administrative set up of an organization for a given skill set, candidates from a wider area could be considered for the same. This should be made applicable to all employers, irrespective of their types i.e. institutes, govt. depts., public bodies, establishments in private sector like proprietary concerns, partnership firms, companies and so on.

Thus for example, the post of a peon - considered to be a lower post, could be filled only by the resident of the village in which the office is situated. Next higher post – say, a clerk, could be reserved only for residents of a little larger geographical space i.e. a group of villages in the proximity. Enhancing the catchment area in concentric spheres as per administrative boundaries as one goes up in the hierarchy of the establishment, will surely help achieve the objectives stated above. Thus an executive's post -whether in the private sector or the govt. sector, created in Meghalaya may be reserved only for North Eastern India candidates and the CEO's post open to the citizens of the world!

In short, the words "locals" and "outsiders"
are relative terms and their definition will
change with the context.

In order to bring about a change in our present set up, we will need to amend our Constitution.


Reader's comments(1)

1:Article from Madhusudan is great thinking. Tussi thinking is great.....Geetay raho dear friend. May ur article bring some changes in the constitution. But I wonder what happens to villages where they have no oppertunities. Perhaps its time Govt evenly distributes its economic Budget for overall development.

Posted by: TAPAN BISWAS - 06th Mar 2010




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